Get ready to travel back to the Edo period of Japan over at Itamae Sushi Edo! Located in in the middle of Tokyo next to the Tokyo Metro Akasaka-Mitsuke station, this isn’t your normal sushi experience. The place is hard to miss, due of the bright lights in the front display that catch all the eyes of passersby, leaving you only to open the front doors and enter the world of Edo.

The inside of Itamae Sushi Edo

Once the staff greets you, you have an opportunity to select one of the many yukata available in order to immerse yourself in the experience. After you are suited up, you are welcomed by all the staff as you pass the noren (curtain placed before entering a restaurant) into the wide open dining area. Visually, the inside of the restaurant is very stunning and lives up to it’s Edo-style reputation. The seats are comfortable and you don’t have to worry about needing to speak Japanese, as the menus are all in English as well.

The day that we went to Itamae Sushi Edo, we decided to try out 3 main items from the menu: The Sashimi Tower priced at ¥3,980, The Volcano Tuna priced at ¥1,800, and The Rainbow Sushi priced at ¥2,980. We went ahead and ordered some sake that was recommended by the chef to accentuate the dishes we ordered.

The staff and main chef were very kind and charismatic as they took our orders and prepared sushi right in front of us. They brought out tuna that was fresh from Tsukiji Market and masterfully cut it into portions for our Sashimi Tower.

For the next item that we ordered, they prepared a unique type of container which held tuna inside. The staff added sake to the tuna, covered up the container and lit it on fire! For a few seconds, the area in front of us was ablaze as the tuna inside sizzled to perfection. Once the flame dissipated, we opened up the container and were pleasantly surprised by a delicious aroma. After salivating for a few moments and taking footage for our video, we dug straight in!

Finally, we enjoyed the Rainbow Sushi that the chef prepared for us. It was a mix of Salmon roe, Sea Urchin, Maguro Tataki (tuna), and Crab with some ginger and wasabi to the side. The taste was exquisite and perfect. While normally not a fan of Uni (Sea Urchin), the taste at Itamae Sushi Edo was nice and did not have the usual strong, ocean taste that you would find at other sushi restaurants.

Satisfied with our meal, we gave it two thumbs up and thanked the staff for their great service. We definitely can’t wait to come back again and if you head out to Itamae Sushi Edo in the future, let us know how your experience was in the comment section down below. If you want to see how our experience was, then click on play on the video below!


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