Tiny Apartment Tour in Japan

Tiny Apartment Tour in Japan

Ever wondered what a Japanese Apartment in Tokyo looks like? Especially a tiny one? Emma from the channel Tokidoki Traveller filmed a tour of her place! Channel: Tokidoki Traveller

Tiny Apartment in Tokyo

It’s famous around the world that Japanese apartments can be pretty small. How small? How about a 8 square meter apartment with kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom? Sounds impossible? Emma shows us what it looks like!

With a population of 13 million, Tokyo is the 8th most populated metropolis in the world. The city has more than 6000 inhabitants per square mile, so it’s no wonder that Tokyo has many tiny apartments.

Tiny Apartment 1
Source: YouTube

Australian YouTuber Emma from the Channel Tokidoki Traveller did a tour of her tiny apartment in Tokyo. She starts off by showing that she can touch both walls of the apartment if she stretches her arms.

Tiny Apartment 2
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Although it may seem really small, Japanese apartments are usually very well conceived and even though its only 8 square meters, the place has a living room & kitchen, a loft and a bathroom with a shower. But how does everything fit in such a tiny space?

Saving Space

In order to save a maximum of space, Emma’s clothes and personal items are all inside boxes that fit under her desk and stairs. For the kitchen, the cutting board is slightly bigger than the sink so she can put it on top of it, no problem!

Tiny Apartment 4
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In most Japanese houses, people would sit on cushions on the floor instead of a big sofa to save space, that’s the reason why Emma opted for a legless cushion chair and a small table she can easily put away.

Tiny Apartment 3
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What about the bathroom? As you can see below, it comprises of a shower and a sink…

Tiny Apartment Bathroom
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…but where’s the toilet?? It’s actually hidden under the sink. You can make the sink pivot to reveals the toilet seat. Now that’s creative!

Tiny Apartment Toilet
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Upstairs is a small loft with a futon bed and a cosy light.

Tiny Apartment 5
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About the rent, Emma pays around 69 000 yen per month, that’s around 680$. Kinda expensive for such a tiny apartment, right? Why not move to a bigger apartment? Like Emma explains at the end of the video, she is on a Working Holiday visa for 6 months, renewable for another 6 months. The problem with most apartment companies in Japan is that they have contracts for 1 year, 2 years, but not 6 months. If your visa says 6 months then they can’t lend you an apartment for 1 year. Emma opted for a company that does 1 month contracts for small apartments.

If you have a one year visa, you can find apartments that are around 18 square meters for the same rent in a well situated area.

If you wanna check out Emma’s life in her apartment, click the link to see her videos and subscribe to her channel: Tokidoki Traveller