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In today's vlog I went to Shinjuku to get my simcard! Had dinner at Tokyo then I talk about getting a simcard in Japan! Unfortunately getting a simcard in Japan with a phone number is not easy.. You either have to be Japanese or you need a resident card in Japan (you get one if you live there for more than 3 months). In this video I talk about how I got my simcard and comparing it to a pocket wifi. I originally wanted to get a pocket wifi and use that as my internet but realized it wasn't great. Only the WIMAX right now offers unlimited internet (with no slowing down if you go over data) but unforunately it is slow and cuts out a lot. All the other pocket wifis have a limit (even if it says it's unlimited, in the fine print it will say if you use over 3GB in 3 days for example, it will slow down). Hope this video is helpful!

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